iZombie #5 cover

The solicitations for DC Comics titles shipping in September have been released, and it includes one item in particular that’s near and dear to me.

Art and cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
In the search for Dead Fred’s killer, Gwen Dylan has learned more than she bargained for and discovers that she’s been wrong about a great many things. Now she finds herself faced with a choice: risk losing all that she is, or become a real monster. As if that weren’t enough, a confrontation with one of the fearless monster hunters leads in unexpected directions. And what about Spot the were-terrier, Ellie the ghost-girl, and Claire the vampire? All this and more in the conclusion of iZOMBIE’s debut arc.
On sale SEPTEMBER 1 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS


  • Bill Spangler

    This looks like a good place to say how much I enjoyed iZOMBIE #2. I thought it was a really effective mix of the creepy, the funny and the genuinely touching. Looking forward to see how all these elements come together. BTW, what is the official title of the book? Is it iZOMBIE, I,ZOMBIE, or something else entirely?

  • Chris Roberson

    Thanks, Bill!

    As for the title, it was originally “I, Zombie” in the early stages of development, but before the first issue came out we’d settled on iZombie. But I don’t mind *what* people call it, so long as they’re buying it!

  • Bill Spangler

    Oh, before I forget again…is your prequel to DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? out? I haven’t seen it any any of my usual shops.

  • Chris Roberson

    The first issue came out at the end of May, if I recall correctly, and the next one should be out in another couple of weeks. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, I know they’re offering it in a digital version through Comixology and the publishers own Boom! Studios app.

  • Mike Sault

    Looks good. I’ve added I,Zombie to my pull list and am shamelessly pimping it whenever I get the chance, it’s a genuine pleasure. 🙂

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