Music Monday

Chris Cannon is my oldest friend on the planet. Not in that he himself is the oldest, but in that he’s been my friend the longest. Sometime around 1981 we were both in the sixth grade, and we somehow became aware that we were both comics readers. He was a Marvel guy, and I was a DC guy, and we each hipped the other to what we were missing. We’ve been friends ever since.

We made comics together in the 8th grade, which will thankfully never see the light of day. Then in high school, as I continued scribbling away, Chris gradually lost interest in comics as he became more and more convinced that he was destined to be a musician. In college and after, I kept on writing stories and novels that no one would ever see, and Chris played with a succession of bands and solo gigs, and kept on recording fantastic music.

Now, nearly three decades after we met, we still keep in touch. Chris is living in Salt Lake City, somehow having bought the house across the street from the house where he spent his earliest years. He’s married with three kids, with a respectable job as a data base administrator, and yet he’s still churning out fantastic music on the side. His latest project, Vine Street, is now available for free download on his website.

Go check it out, won’t you?


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