Friday, December 11, 2009


.357 Lover's "Maybe Tonite"

Look, everybody, I know I said yesterday that .357 Lover was my new favorite band of all time, but I don't know that I got the point across sufficiently.

This band is everything I want from a band. As I said last night on twitter, if Meatloaf made sweet, sweet love to Queen on a bed of 80s pop-culture, then nine months later .357 Lover would have been born.

I posted a couple of fan videos yesterday, but if that didn't sell you, try this. A track of the self-released Diorama of the Golden Lion, "Maybe Tonite" is the song that Meatloaf would have written if "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" had been about a middle-school kid dreaming of making out at the mall with the girl of his dreams.

MP3: .357 Lover - Maybe Tonite

Now, go to the band's official site where you can buy the whole album for digital download. Do it!

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