Thursday, December 10, 2009


.357 Lover's "Time Cop"

(via) It's a rock ballad about Time Cop. What else do you need to know?

On their website, the bio for the band, .357 Lover, opens with this line: "Time travel, making out at the mall, werewolves, rock operas and a German lady. It's not the recipe to the greatest teenage, sci-fi horror movie ever made; it's .357 Lover." This may be my new favorite band... of all time.

And I was never a wrestling fan, but this is completely awesome. Corn Mo, who wrote the song, describes it as "This is a song I wrote about the day my favorite wrestler came over and hung out with me and my friends back in Denton, TX."

Check out Corn Mo's blog for more goodness.

Just played "Time Cop."
I think this is what I always thought the Hong Kong Cavaliers sounded like.
Exactly! The Hong Kong Cavaliers would have *totally* sung a power ballad about Kevin Von Erich.
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