Saturday, July 18, 2009


Chris Sprouse, Modern Master (and Saving Tom Strong)

This week saw the release of the latest installment in TwoMorrow's "Modern Masters" series, each of which spotlights a different artist. This time in the barrel it's Chris Sprouse, co-creator of my favorite comic of recent years, Tom Strong (among many worthy achievements, including the trend-setting Supreme and a dandy run on Legion of Super-Heroes).

There are two points I'd like to make, at this juncture.

First, go out and pick up a copy of Modern Masters Volume Twenty-One: Chris Sprouse, already. What are you waiting for? The interview is fascinating, and the gallery at the end is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Second, in the final pages of the book-length interview, Sprouse has this to say about the forthcoming Tom Strong miniseries he's doing with Peter Hogan, Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom (which I've mentioned a time or two before). Mr. Sprouse, he say:
If this series does well, the plan is to do Tom Strong "Hellboy-style," as a series of self-contained mini-series, none of which will be solicited until they're completed so none ever ship late.
What does that mean for you, loyal reader? It means that when Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom is solicited in the next month or two, you need to march into your local comic shop and ask them to order you a copy, of the first issue and every one after that. And then when those issues hit the stands, you need to go back in that very shop and buy that comic, each and every month.

Why? Because you must, that's why. I don't simply desire more Tom Strong, I require more. Sure, I can reread the collections I've got for the tenth time, but then what? I need more, I say! And that means that this new mini-series needs to sell well.

But you don't have to buy just one copy of each issue. I understand that Tom Strong comics make great stocking stuffers, and the holidays are just around the corner...

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