Thursday, March 19, 2009


New Tom Strong?

So it would seem.

Superhero Tom Strong, created by Alan Moore, will return to the WildStorm imprint in 2009 in a miniseries by Peter Hogan and Chris Sprouse.

Hank Kanalz, general manager of WildStorm Productions, said the new series will be called “Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom.”

“With Chris on ‘Tom Strong,’ this will make a terrific miniseries, and it will come out on time,” Kanalz said.

Tom Strong was created by Moore and Sprouse and first appeared in “Tom Strong” #1 from America’s Best Comics, an imprint of WildStorm, in 1999.

I've recently reread all of Alan Moore's Tom Strong and the related series (Terrific Tales, the Tesla oneshot, and the various and sundry bits and pieces in the different ABC one-shots and specials). And while it may lack the technical brilliance of some of his other work, I'm now leaning towards the conclusion that Tom Strong may be my favorite of Moore's comics. It's the most fun, at leastd.

Peter Hogan was responsible for the two splendid Terra Obscura miniseries, as well as The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong, which stands nicely alongside the Moore-scripted stories of the Strong Family. And with Chris Sprouse handling the art duties? Sign me up!

(I note with amusement that this marks yet another "So-and-So and the Something of Doom" titles that have cropped up recently.)

Pete Hogn did a couple really excellent issues of Tom Strong after Moore had left and before the series ended. They were just perfect one issue superhero comics. I could see him doing an ongoing. Terra Obscura is incredible, as well. I have to go back and get the original Strong/Strage issues. I skipped those, but the miniseries were just great. I've always liked Moore's Supreme better than TS, though. Glad there are a few issues of TS stuff I can still track down for Moore I haven't read, though. That guy needs to come back to comics.
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