Sunday, February 01, 2009


Masked Avenger Sunday

Here's a little pulp goodness for you, for no reason at all.

First up, Evan Shaner's portrait of the Shadow, Green Hornet, and the Spider, done for Francesco Francavilla. (You might recall me posting Shaner's kick-ass "Fantastic Four meets the Tom Strong Family" last year.)

And it seems only fitting to follow that with a Francavilla portrait of the Shadow that ran last month in his regular "Pulp Sunday" feature. If you're not following the Matt Wagner-scripted, Francesco Francavilla-drawn Zorro ongoing comic, you are really missing out.

And finally, Shaner's group shot reminded me of this image I ran across recently, hunting down Richard Dominguez's El Gato Negro. In the image, copies of the indy superhero comic are scattered on a table, around which sit the masked avengers who influenced the character's creation: Batman, Nightwing, The Phantom, The Shadow, The Crimson Avenger, Daredevil, The Spirit, and Zorro.

And if those poses are familiar, this might be why...

Once I wrap up Secret Services, probably in the next couple of weeks, I'll take a break from themed posts for a while, and then start in on a long-planned series of posts on the topic of Masked Avengers.

Wow that is just made of awesome, I had the chance to meet Mr. Shaner at Mid Ohio Con in October he was a prince of a fellow and his art just keeps getting better.
And Mr. Francavilla, man I'll buy anything he works on now, which is pretty cool since I've been meaning to read Scalped.
Looking forward to your series on Masked Avengers when you get around to it, the Secret Services entries really made the wheels turn for me, so keep up the good work.
Thanks, Greg. I think the Masked Avengers series is going to run a bit longer than the Secret Services has done. At last count there were something like two dozen entries in the projected list.
This is just all kinds of awesome. George Mann is gonna freak when he sees it too.
Does seem like it would be right up George's alley, at that.
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