Monday, April 21, 2008


Monday Morning Awesomeness

I first discovered Evan Shaner's blog a little while back when his "What if Charles Schultz created the Watchmen?" piece made the rounds of the comics blogosphere. Check out this bit of awesome I found over there this morning:

About it, Shaner says "What you've got here is what could very well be the greatest idea for a crossover ever." The Strong Family and the Fantastic Four the greatest crossover ever? Sounds about right to me!

The Hank Ketcham Dennis the Menace Fantastic Four illo is fairly amazing too. Who is this Shaner guy?
He's a student (and editorial cartoonist) at Central Michigan University, apparently. I expect we'll be hearing quite a lot from him in the coming years. (In addition to the blog to which I linked earlier, he also runs one devoted to, no lie, superhero apes.)
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