Saturday, February 24, 2007


Captain Carrot Returns

Hey, remember a while back, when I mentioned the return of Captain Carrot to DC Comics? No? Well, I did.

In any case, it looks like he's coming back again.
As announced at New York Comic Con, DC's best known superpowered rabbit will return this year in Captain Carrot and the Final Arc, a three-issue limited series written by Bill Morrison.

Artist Scott Shaw! will return to the characters he helped create with Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway in 1982, when the character first appeared in Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, a free 16-page insert in DC'S New Teen Titans #16. Captain Carrot's Crew then debuted in their own title a month after that insert, featuring characters like a speedster turtle named Fastback, the metallic-skinned Pig Iron, a dog with patriotic powers named Yankee Poodle, and martial arts expert Alley-Kat-Abra -- all fighting beside Captain Carrot with his powerful cosmic carrots.
The little bits of the character we got in the comic-within-a-comic in Teen Titans #30-31 last year were a bit of a mixed bag. Great Scott Shaw art, and the Geoff Johns script worked as a commentary on the too-dark state of current comics, but the result wasn't exactly what you'd call "fun". Bill Morrison's got a great track record in fun comics with his work for Bongo Comics (Radioactive Man and Heroes Anonymous), so there's room for hope. And Morrison's descriptions of what he's got planned certainly sound promising!

I am usually FAR too dignified to emit any sound resembling a fangirlish squee.

But CAPTAIN CARROT? I can't help myself.

As for me, I'm cautiously optimistic.
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