Saturday, December 03, 2005


I'm hopeless

I will never be cool. You want to know why? Because I get excited, unaccountably so, to read that Scott Shaw is doing a new two-part Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew. I read comics before I picked up the first issue of CCAHZC, two-thirds of a life ago, but that was the comic that made me a collector. (So fervent was my passion for the Earth-C adventures of Captain Carrot and his furry-animal friends that I had a subscription to the title--mailed flat, naturally--and still bought the new issues every month when they showed up on the shelves of Duncanville Books, because the subscription copies inevitably arrived a week later, and I just couldn't wait!)

Now, twenty years later, when I read Shaw--the artist and co-creator of the original series--say "It's as if Captain Carrot was never cancelled, and we're catching up the ongoing series," I find myself whistfully wishing, if only for a moment, that I'd spent the last twenty years in that that worldline, instead.

It's picking up where it left off? Would that be after the Oz/Wonderland War thing or what, I wonder? Either way, sounds like a good excuse to reread them!
Apparently the conceit is that twenty years of new CCAHAZC adventures followed the last stuff that we saw in the eighties, following all the trends of the day, complete with a "grim-and-gritty" Zoo Crew period.

I just hope that Little Cheese didn't get married to a woman who went on to go nuts and murder Rubber Duck's wife in a misguided attempt to regain her husband's affections.
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