Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Third Grade Wishes

Over the holidays we visited my parents' house in Duncanville, and I started a long-planned project to start scanning in some old family photos with a new USB scanner I bought for the purpose. In the process of digging through cabinets to find photos, I happened upon something I'd completely forgotten existed.

This may have been a typical thing in a kid's life at one point, but I don't think I've seen one recently. It's a little spiral bound book, with a section for each of the grades of primary school, called a "Memory Book." My mother clearly updated the sections for the first couple of years, and by the third grade I'd taken over the annual duties myself. Opposite a profile page with name, age, weight, etc, there is a pouch for all sorts of ephimera. Report cards, ribbons, class pictures, etc.

Here's the profile page for the third grade. Note the sporty silver "pit crew" jacket. I had no interest in racing whatsoever, but loved the silver satiny jackets available then because they looked like something an astronaut would wear. I had many of these jackets over the years.

In the pouch for the third grade I found the following gem, which Allison has insisted I share with the world. This being the 70s, the teachers were clearly trying to get us to think a bit more globally, and to have a social consciousness of sorts. In this year-end assignment, we were asked to make three wishes, one for a friend, one for the world, and one for ourselves.

What sort of selfless wishes did I make for those around me?

I wish Brent was Starbuck and we could fly in Vipers and fight Cylons and work on the Galactaca.

I wish the word was a graet big BatlStar Galactaca.

I wish I was Apalo and I could work in the Galactaca and kill Cylons.
Lest anyone think that I came to this life of geekdom late, you now stand corrected. At least now, thirty-odd years later, I can spell "Battlestar," "Galactica," and "Apollo" correctly...

This is cute. :-D
LOL. That is awesome. You were such an altruist, truly.
Copycat! Okay, so my friend was Bill, not Brent, but still...
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