Friday, January 15, 2010


Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I successfully tricked Allison Baker into marrying me. In the decade since, we've bought a couple of houses (and sold one), started a publishing company, each changed jobs once or twice, and created a human being.

(Photo by the lovely and talented Mike Fitelson)

I realized the other day that ten years is a quarter of my life, so far, and counting the three years we lived together before getting married, Allison and I have been together for a third of my life. It seems both longer than that and all-too-brief, at the same time.

Here's a dandy "trailer" for our wedding video, cut by director and screenwriter George Huang as a gift for our first anniversary. Watch it fast before Sony and/or Lucasfilms has it yanked down from YouTube for its unauthorized use of the music.

It's been a fantastic decade together, and I'm hoping for many more still to come.

(Photo by Ellen Datlow)

That was awesome. Congratulations, you two.
Congrats to yez both! :D
Congratulations for both of you! Looking for another great decade.
Congrats to you both!
Thanks, everybody!
Congratulations! It's always nice to realize that you're spending significant parts of your life with people you care about.
It's it awesome (in the true sense) when you have that moment where you Grok how much time you've spent together, and how you Know each other, and how happy you are?

Congratulations. Go you (both)!
Congratulations, you crazy kids! But I was really hoping to see Jar-Jar Binks at the reception in that video. Well, you can't have everything.

Me-sah so happy for you.

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