Monday, January 11, 2010


Massow Concept Cycle's NightShadow

A post on Super Punch this morning points out a motorcycle that any self-respecting costumed crimefighter would love to park in their garage (provided they had already decided to go with a jaguar-theme).

Built by Massow Concept Cycles, this cycle is referred to in the company's copy as "Jaguar: The Leaper," and "NightShadow." I mean, come on, that sounds like a superhero name already, right?

There's even a video of the bike's "maiden voyage" up on YouTube.

More great stuff, including a charging red bull cycle, at the Massow site.

The bike looks really cool, except, uh, where they put the seat. Kinda looks like he's... well, I'll leave it to your imaginations.
A take it you've never read Philip Jose Farmer's A FEAST UNKNOWN? That's a mental image that, once in your head, doesn't ever leave.
Christian, you just spoiled it for me. Otherwise, utterly awesome.

Also, given the profusion of custom built Batmobiles, I wonder why there aren't more Bat cycles out there?
I stand corrected.
Okay, that Bat-cycle is pretty damned cool.
This Chrysler Tomohawk would have been a great one too! And look, this toy is absolutely inspired by it.
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