Monday, January 25, 2010


Dynamite's Green Hornet

I've raved before about Dynamite's various reinterpretations of classis pulp and radio characters, like the Lone Ranger and Zorro. Since it was announced that they would be tackling the Green Hornet next, my immediate responses were (1) "Damn, why can't I be writing that?!" and (2) "I can't wait to see it." There'll actually be two Green Hornet projects from Dynamite, as I understand it, a kind of "Year One" approach scripted and masterminded by Matt Wagner with character designs by John Cassaday, and a modern-day reinterpretation based on the screenplay for Kevin Smith's abandoned film version of a few years back, with character designs by Alex Ross.

Yesterday, as part of his ongoing "Pulp Sunday" series, Francesco Francavilla posted a teaser illo he's cooked up for the former, which was too good not to share.

And if you haven't yet seen Ross's redesign for the modern-day book, here's a glimpse.

Both of them promise to be good, pulpy fun (and worthy successors to Ron Fortier's Green Hornet from NOW Comics). Count me in.

Holy Christ. Mat Wagner + John Cassaday vs. Kevin Smith + Alex Ross. My head just exploded with geek joy.
It's quite the cage match, isn't it?
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