Thursday, January 28, 2010


Axe Cop!

(via) This may be the single greatest thing I've ever seen.

Malachai Nicolle is a five year old kid from Washington who loves Dinosaurs, Ben 10, video games of all kinds, and anything involving bad people getting destroyed.

Ethan Nicolle is a 29 year old comic artist/writer living in Los Angeles. He is the writer/artist/creator of the Eisner Award nominated Chumble Spuzz.

Together, they have created what may be the perfect comic: Axe Cop!

Axe Cop!


Seriously, y'all, check out Axe Cop. I'm not crazy about the Flash interface, but if you click on "Non-Flash" in the upper right corner you'll get a static version (and "Download" just points to the image file, which is also nice). There are five episodes so far, and they're all packed with crazy awesome.

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