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(via) Before you watch the following clip, be warned. This is all there is. A trailer for a show that doesn't exist yet, not even in pilot form.

Trust me, you're going to wish there was more. Right now.

Here's the explanation from creator/writer Mike Sizemore:

It's directed by Steve Barron and stars Sean Pertwee, Adrian Bower, Tom Mison, Margo Stilley, Haruka Abe, GUN and JUNIOR. The outstanding conceptual design was by Arran and Corran Brownlee. The music is by The Mummers. And yeah I'm the creator/writer/idiot who came up with it. Sleepydog are the guys running the show.

To quickly answer the most obvious question, we're hoping to shoot the pilot in 2010. We have a few more meetings to get through before that happens, but we're still heading in the right direction. In fact we've had a lot of good news since the last update on here, but I don't wanna jinx anything just yet.

Excellent, it looks wonderful.
Ok, I need more of this and I don't really care there is no more at the moment. I want it, and I want it now! Sombebody make it happen. Going to RT it too.
It looks cool, but I have a complaint. It's how many centuries into the future and it's still only women who wear skimpy clothes? If this is a pleasure palace, where are the boy toys?
A fair point, Karen!
Wicked.'s sort of impressive as a clip..but what would the long form look like? would like to see more, for sure ...(anyone having "Buck Rogers" flashbacks...Buck on the pleasure/gambling ship?)
You're not wrong, Howard. I'd certainly be interested in giving it a chance, though!
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