Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A Question for the Ages

Okay, this is bothering me.

In the original format, the Hanna-Barbera "Space Ghost" shorts were packaged with "Dino Boy" as, appropriately enough, Space Ghost and Dino Boy. Now, Dino Boy was about a young boy from (then) contemporary America who by misadventure ended up in a land of prehistoric cavemen and dinosaurs. Presumably Dino Boy was interested in returning home, though to be honest I don't recall him ever mentioning it.

While it wasn't included on the recent DVD box set, in the original broadcast the following "bumper" ran at the commercial break, bridging the Space Ghost story and the Dino Boy segment.

Here's my question. Leaving aside the fact that Space Ghost is (a) out in space and (b) very likely in the future, making it incredibly unlikely that he'd be casually overflying a valley in modern-day South America, what does it say about him that he leaves this poor kid stranded in the Lost Valley? After waving happily in thanks to the stranger in the space ship for rescuing him, did Dino Boy then turn to his caveman pal Ugh and say "What, is he just going to fly away now? What about some rescuing, huh?"

Another question for the ages, I suppose...

Well, if we assume the bumper is canonical...

Perhaps Space Ghost got caught in a spatio-temporal anomaly and that's why he was overflying where Dino Boy had wound up. He didn't know that Dino Boy was trapped there, too, since he probably already saw that the planet had a mix of cavemen and dinosaurs to begin with.
You Space Ghost apologist, you...
you know, i remember being a big space ghost fan (even running around with bands on my wrist to shoot things) but barely remember dino boy...wonder why that is...
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