Sunday, December 27, 2009


Pogo's "Upular" (after Pixar)

A few days ago, Pixar posted a little holiday gift to their fans on their Facebook page, a musical remix of UP done by the Australian DJ, Pogo. And now Pogo (aka Nick Bertke) has posted the video to the track to his YouTube account.

Be sure to check out the other video remixes on Pogo's YouTube page. Some terrific stuff there.

Just watched UP for the first time tonight, on BluRay. (Yes, I'm late to the party.)

This was great.

Let's say "fashionably late," Daryl. But UP is terrific, isn't it?

Regarding "Upular," I've had this stuck in my head for days, which is strange considering that there aren't any actual words that can be understood in most of it...
I can't believe how much I enjoyed UP. Maybe it was the fact that I'm on vacation from the day job, totally relaxed, and got to see it with the whole family. Or maybe the movie was just that wonderful.

Okay, probably both. The economy of those opening scenes -- the montage of the marriage -- was amazing, and very touching.

As for Upular, the same thing happened to me. I was talking to my daughter about it. How can something with no words be that catchy?
That wordless "marriage montage" was the purest example of good storytelling in film I've seen since, well, the *last* time Pixar did a wordless sequence at the beginning of WALL-E.

I spent last night listening to the directors' commentary on UP. I contend that Pixar commentary tracks are the best master class in storytelling you can find. Hearing where they started out with the original idea and how they got to the finished product is fascinating.
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