Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hot Tub Time Machine

This trailer has some NSFW language (and isn't for the kiddies). Even so, I'm all for it.

A SFW version is at the official site.

Okay, now normally I would think this is the dumbest thing to ever hit the big screen, but it has John Cusack in it, and something about that tells me this will be a hilarious movie.

Unless it's a spoof...
Thank you! I needed to know about that. Not only do I like Cusack, but I've developed a great fondness for Craig Robinson after going on an "Office" bender this last year and watching all five previous seasons. Rob Corddry doesn't suck either.

I'm so glad I have friends who can tell me about these things, while I live merrily under my rock.
It's a service I'm only too happy to provide. Adrienne.
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