Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Georgia's Letter to Santa - 2009

As much for archival purposes as anything (since this will be going out in the mail to the North Pole tomorrow), here is Georgia's 2009 letter to Santa.

First, she makes her case.

Dear Santa
I have been
good this
year. For
I want

I tried to talk her into some pleasantries ("How are the reindeer doing?") or maybe even just modulating from "I want" to "I would like," but she took a no-nonsense, all-business aproach. "This is what I want," she said. "Why not just tell him?"

white bike
Barbie cats
3-headed dragon
baby T-Rex

- The "white" modifier on bike was to specify which of the bikes in Academy that she test-drove she was asking for (not any kind of racial purity thing).
- The "balls" are of the ball-pit variety, for her miniature bounce house.
- The "dinosaurs" are a catch-all for the scads of little plastic dinosaurs she's asking for.
- The "Barbie cats" are an interesting case -- she kept asking for these elaborate Barbie playsets, even though she never actually plays with Barbie dolls, and we finally realized that all she really wanted was the pets that came with them. When when showed her that she could get just the cats in a separate package, she lost all interest in the Barbie dolls themselves.
- "3-Headed dragon" is the latest Fisher-Price Imaginext dragon/dinosaur thingee, and "baby T-rex" is one of those animatronic things, fabric over an articulated wire skeleton, that thrashes around and growls whenver you touch a particular spot on its back.

You may note that, either in order to flatter or just for the sake of decoration, she has added portraits of Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa himself to the corners of the page.

(Georgia has been very good this year, as it happens, so chances are good that she'll end up with most, and perhaps all, of this stuff.)

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