Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Epic Misney" by T Campbell and John Waltrip

Chances are you've already seen this, since it's been all over the internet since last night (I first saw it on Cartoon Brew, myself), but in case you haven't, here is a terrific Marvel-Disney mash-up, courtesy of T Campbell and John Waltrip. Lots of nice little touches in here.

That's a great piece. isn't it? (Although part of me still wants to see Dr. Strange fighting Malificent..)
On a related subject, I wanted to point you to a great quote about mash-ups in Michael Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs. He calls it "..the aesthetic of the Lego drawer, the mash-up, the pastiche that destroys it sources at the same time it makes use of and reinvents them. You churn around in the drawer and pull out whatever catches your eye, bits and pieces drawn from movies and history and your own fancy and make something new, something no one has ever seen or imagined before."
That's a great quote! I've been meaning to pick that new collection up. I'll have to get on it!
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