Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dylan Horrocks's Hicksville

I've raved before about Dylan Horrocks's Hicksville, which is probably the best comic you've never read (check out my earlier comments, including a full review of the comic from years ago, if you don't believe me). If you haven't yet hunted down a copy of the out-of-print edition to see for yourself, you have only to wait until March for the new edition to hit bookstores.

Over on his blog, Horrocks has posted the new cover, and shared a few details about the goodness inside.

But first let me tell you about the new edition of Hicksville, which is coming out from Drawn & Quarterly (and, in New Zealand, from Victoria University Press) in early February 2010. Getting it ready is one of the main things I’ve been busy with, but now it’s all good to go.

Above you can see the new cover, but there’s also a brand new 13-page introduction (in comics form) by me - one of the most personal comics I’ve done - and the glossary has been expanded (and illustrated). I also redesigned the book, rescanning all the artwork and giving it all a bit more space to breathe on the page. I added page numbers (at the request of various academics and students!), relettered about 12 pages (where the lettering was just too damn sloppy to read!), and corrected a couple of mistakes that had slipped past us in the previous editions. Everything in the book - from the indicia to the glossary - is now hand-lettered (except the barcode, sadly). All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.

Trust me, this book is terrific. I pity anyone that doesn't buy a copy of their very own.

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