Thursday, December 10, 2009


Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter

A post on the Super Punch blog pointed out two interrelated gems last night.

First up, is this terrific cover by Federico Piatti for Dr. Quandary's Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter.

And here's the wraparound.

Nice, right? But I'd never heard of Dr. Quandary, and so headed over to check out what the album itself sounded like. It appears it's not available until December 12, but there's a sample track online. Give it a listen.

<a href="">Misconceptions by Dr. Quandary</a>
I'm liking it. I'll definitely be back on the 12th to check out the rest. In the meantime, there's loads of great stuff to listen to and download on Dr. Quandary's bandcamp page.

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