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Sorry I've been running silent, internets. After returning home from World Fantasy last week, I had a stack of stuff to clear off my desk, followed closely by all kinds of interesting news popping up in my inbox. (When the Big News about my next comics project comes out in the next month or so, remember that last Friday was the day that it became official. Many bottles of Hoegaarden were emptied here at MonkeyBrain World Headquarters as a result.)

So busy have I been that I've completely failed to mention the fact that I've got new comics and stories out. Last Wednesday saw the release of Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1, which has so far been fairly well received by critics and fans, if the online response is any indication.

Also out right about now (at least to subscribers, who have begun receiving the next issue by mail) is the January 2010 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction, which contains my story "Wonder House." This is the latest Celestial Empire story, and probably the last one I'll be writing for a while (I need a bit of a break from the CE, to be honest, having done three novels and a couple of dozen short stories in the world over the course of the last few years). It was originally written to be published in Hebrew as an "extra" in the Graff Publishing edition of The Dragon's Nine Sons in Israel earlier this year, but this is the story's first appearance in English. It's a little bit of a departure for a Celestial Empire story, and is probably a good indicator of what future Celestial Empire stories will be like, if and when I return to the world.

I've also learned the revised schedule for the US publication of Book of Secrets, and it looks like the book should now be hitting shelves in September 2010.

So how about you nice people? How was your weekend?

I meant to say that I enjoyed issue #1 of Cinderella very much, and I'm looking forward to the rest. It reads like Willingham.
Thanks, Michael, glad you liked it! (And that's high praise, indeed, to say it reads like Bill!)
Basically, you captured the voices of all the characters perfectly. Did I not know you had written the book, I would have assumed it was Willingham who had done so. Cinderella in particular sounds spot-on in her internal monologue.

(Amusingly, I read your first issue in the middle of still reading Peter and Max, and I had to remember which story was which...)
That *is* high praise!
Chris...not had a chance to check out Cinderella yet, but hope to.

As for the CE stories...I'd love to see a collection of those!
I've picked up both The Book of Secrets and Cinderella, mainly due to your work with GW/BL and their 40k setting. I've enjoyed both immensely --Book o' secrets I have since purchased again and sent to a friend down under as an early Xmas present.

Looking forward to your "Sons of Dorn" novel, hope this isn't all of your BL output.

Cinderella was wicked fun BTW.
I'm talking to a publisher about the possibilities of a collection (of *most* of the stories, at least) at the moment. I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later (and worst case scenario I'll just do one through MonkeyBrain if nobody else wants to pick it up).
Thanks for the kind words, reds8n! Glad to hear you enjoyed Book of Secrets. That one's a paticular favorite of mine.

Sons of Dorn won't be my last BL book, have no fear. I'm actually in the early stages of outlining Brothers of Dorn, the next Imperial Fists novel, so there'll be one more to come, at least!
I really can't speak to whether or not you captured Cindy's voice, but I enjoyed the first issue as a fun variation on the classic James Bond films. I do have a couple of questions, which probably stem from the fact that I'm not as grounded in the FABLES canon as I should be:
--Is there a specific reason why Cindy doesn't like Frau Totenkinder? If so, is this something we're going to hear more about or was it handled elsewhere? (If it's the latter, can someone point me to the back issues?)
--Crispin Cordwainer (great name, BTW) seems to know about the Fables, but he doesn't know that Cindy is a spy. Is that right? Is he a Fable?
Looking forward to issue two.
Good questions, Bill. I'll try to answer fairly.

(1) We haven't yet seen the incident(s) that led Cindy to dislike Frau Totenkinder. It was established in previous Fables stories that Totenkinder provided Cindy with "tech" for her missions, but this is the first time that we've seen this particular dynamic between them.

(2) While new with this series, Crispin Cordwainer is a Fable, but like most of the residents of Fabletown he isn't in on "the big secrets," including Cindy's avocation. We get more hints about just what story he's from in the next issue, but the dictionary definition of "cordwainer" might be a hint.

A collection sounds great...though I'm sure you'd prefer it to be through a different publisher than Monkey Brains.

I'll take what I can get though :)
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