Thursday, November 19, 2009 on End of the Century

There doesn't seem to be an attribution on the post, so I'm not sure the name of the reviewer, but the site has posted a review of End of the Century which I thought was very complimentary.
All three stories proceed to their inevitable, intertwined conclusion. What do visions centuries apart have to do with a killer at the turn of the twentieth century? It all has to do with the Holy Grail, the Chinese Triad, a possibly alien billionaire, a jewel heist, parallel dimensions, World War II, time travel, an omnipotent artificial intelligence, and the end of the universe. It’s as if Roberson threw a bunch of cool ideas into a bag and plucked them out, one by one, weaving them skillfully into his story. And at the end, it all makes sense. Mysteries are revealed, characters find redemption, and the day is saved—for now, at least. Readers will be satisfied and eager for more adventures involving these unusual heroes. They also will learn more about English history here, and enjoy it a lot more, than they will in any dry textbook.

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