Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Lucy Knisley's "Downloading Optimism"

Lucy Knisley neatly sums up own my reaction to reading not only the dire predictions of Ware, Barry, Groenig, and Fieffer the other day, but hearing any number of "publishing is doomed" diatribes in the prose world in recent months.

I'm reminded of something John Scalzi said that I quoted a few years ago. I think it's as true of cartoonists and comics folks as it is of novelists.
"Listen to me now: Writers are not in the publishing industry. The publishing industry exists to handle the output of writers and distribute it in an effective and hopefully profitable way; however it does not necessarily follow that writer's only option is the publishing industry, especially not now. Congruent to this: Books aren't the only option. I write books, but you know what? I'm not a book writer, any more than a musician is an LP musician or an MP3 musician. The book is the container. It's not destiny. "

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