Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Home Again

I'm home again, at long last. World Fantasy Convention was, as always, the happiest four days on Earth, a kind of calendrical Disneyland. I got to see a lot of old friends and acquaintances, met loads of cool and interesting new people, and had a couple of conversations that helped me decide at long last just what kind of writer it is I want to be. (And many of the attendees learned what I have known about my wife Allison Baker for a while now: she can mix a mean cocktail.)

I calculated at one point that there were somewhere around 15 people at WFC this year for the first time because I browbeat them into going. And at least a handful of first time attendees who will be there in Columbus next year (they may have agreed just to get me to shut up about it, but I'm still counting it). If you haven't been to WFC yet (and definitely if you have any aspirations of becoming a writer of prose fantasy) then you need to join us next year. Seriously. I'll introduce you to everyone.

While we were away, Georgia spent the Halloween weekend with my family in the Dallas area, which lead to the following scene. This is Georgia, three cousins, an aunt, and a grandfather being filmed by my mother. Warning: the cuteness here is almost unbearable.

Oh yes! Chris, as we have well established during the convention, IS the mayor of WFC, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

He really does know everyone and he will introduce you to everyone.
I'll try to remember to wear a mayor's sash next year, Rani, to complete the image.
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