Friday, November 20, 2009


Dino D-Day

(via) I'm already breaking my No Video Games In The House rule to research City of Heroes (about which more later, I'm sure), and now this trailer for a Half Life 2 mod seriously tempts me to continuing violating the rule.

Hey, what's wrong with videogames?!?

I suppose they can be a bit of a time sink, but you of all people Chris should relish the siren call of Nazis and dinosaurs, heh.
The only thing that could make Nazis and dinosaurs even better ... zombies.
If you have any questions about CoH, I've been playing 5+ years, feel free to ask.
OMG, Chris, this is even better than a giant gorilla with a jetpack! GIs versus Nazi dinosaurs? My Chanukah prayers have been answered.

All we have to give is our Blood, our Sweat, our small mammals yearning to breathe free!

It's really the time-sinkage aspect, Radek. I lost a *lot* of time to things like Grim Fandango, Medal of Honor, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and Counter-Strike back when I was still a regular gamer. The fact that this is for work meant that I could bend my self-imposed rule a bit, but I already can see the temptation to just keep doing it all the time. It's fun while it lasts, though!
@Audie - Thanks!

@Steve - Speaking of Nazis and zombies, I'm sure you've played one of the various Wolfenstein releases, right? I *loved* Return to Castle Wolfenstein early in the decade.)

@Stu - This *may* be better than a giant gorilla with a jet pack. And that's a very hard thing for me to say.
Chris ... my first brush with Nazis and zombies was Robert R. McCammon's The Night Boat. All downhill from there. :-)
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