Friday, October 16, 2009


"Portrait of a Domesticated Predator," by Georgia

As if her drawing of the Blob... erm, of B.O.B. wasn't enough art from my daughter for one day, here's a bit of coloring Georgia did yesterday. (Stick with me on this one.) We spend a lot of time, the two of us, Googling for line-drawings to print out and color. Yesterday it was cats. The images are rarely attributed, but this one was found here.

If you check out the original, you'll see that Georgia has added a few details. For example, adding black over the eyes to suggest that this is, to paraphrase the old Monty Python bit, a late fish, removing any doubt that it might be a live fish who has inadvertently flopped up on land. And the gaping wounds and streams of blood? She added those, too.

So what was originally a sedate drawing of a cat looking at a fish on the ground now becomes a somewhat unsettling portrait of a cat contemplating the results of its own predatory instincts, clearly able to kill its prey but unsure what to do next. A portrait of a domesticated predator, if you will, with all of its killer instinct intact but lacking the real-world experience to know how to put them into play.

I'm sure it's a mere coincidence that the coloration of this cat matches that of our our own cat Blue, who has killed more than a few insects and lizards unlucky enough to cross his path in our house, and then sat and stared and them as they bled out their last, unsure what to do next...

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