Friday, October 02, 2009


Multiversal Meanderings

Chris Hsiang forever earned my respect when I learned over dinner that he had devised his own oragami technique to fashion a dollar-bill into a cowboy boot. Now he goes and ups the ante even further with a handy Alternate Universe Reading Guide for the folks at i09. As some of you might have guessed, I am nuts for multiversal stories, and anything involving travel to and from alternate realities. I'm writing a review of Iain Banks' Transition for SF Signal, sooner or later, and it was interesting to see that novel placed in context here. I think the only work mentioned here I haven't read is Stephenson's Anathem, which has been on my To Read list for a while; I think I may have to bump it up a few places on the list, now that I know there's some multiversal hoo-hah involved...

Now I'm off to watch last night's Fringe, having spent the day tinkering with a novel outline involving occult spies and multiversal invaders. See, I'm nuts for this kind of thing! Now go check out Hsiang's nifty readers guide, already, and see if there's anything you've missed, too.

(The fact that Hsiang flatters me by including my name among such luminaries, of course, does absolutely nothing to amplify the high esteem in which I hold him. I'm shocked, shocked, that anyone might think differently.)

Anathem is better if you go into it not knowing about the multiversal hoohah, it's better as a gradual realization; but too late!

Is Transition good, really good, or OMG Must Read Nao good? I'm on the fence about bumping it to top of stack.

Word verification: sucklyrt. Weird.
I felt like Transition was "very, very good" all the way through, but by the end I was beginning to downgrade my rating to simply "very good." I'm still mulling it over, while getting my thoughts together for the review I'm writing for SF Signal, but suffice it to say that if the idea of Iain Banks writing crosstime dimension-hopping assassins appeals to you in the slightest, it's worth checking out.
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