Thursday, October 01, 2009


Meet the cast of I, ZOMBIE

Well, not really the whole cast. And it's more "glimpse the cast" than "meet", but it's the thought that counts.

Over on the Vertigo blog, Graphic Content, there's a selection of preview pages from the upcoming House of Mystery Halloween annual, including a couple of pages of Sturges's framing sequence and a couple of pages of Willingham and Buckingham's Merv Pumkinhead story. Oh, and look at that, a page from the 7-page I, ZOMBIE preview story, in which we get our first glimpse of Gwen Dylan and her pals Spot and Ellie.

Cool points to the first person to identify who Gwen (that's the one in the middle, the hero of our story) is dressed as for Halloween...

Hmmmm... I see she has red on her shirt. Could it be Shaun from "Shaun of the Dead"? :)
I second the Shaun!
I cheated and zoomed in on the nametag. But, yeah, it's funny how a little red splotch on a white shirt suddenly becomes a give-away, doesn't it?
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