Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The Great Pumpkin!

The incomparable J. Bone shares this awesome image of the Great Pumpkin finally emerging out of the pumpkin patch... sadly too late for his lone adherent, Linus.

Bone thinks he's subconsciously riffing on an image that Jay Stephens has already done. Can anyone remember the piece he's thinking of, if so?

I don't recall a similar Stephens piece but I wouldn't say my knowledge of his work is encyclopedic. I do love Bone's work and am proud that he drew one of the two published comics stories I ever wrote.
Hey, I didn't know that! What was the story he illustrated?
It was a short story in the fourth issue of LOVE IN TIGHTS called "Shock to the System." J. Torres had the concept and I scripted it, though Bone tweaked a few things and made it work even better.
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