Monday, October 12, 2009


Ford for Adventure

(via) I've been driving the same car since April of 1997, and expect that I'll keep doing so until it finally stops moving. And if I were to buy a new car, it would doubtless be some tree-hugging electric-powered lozenge that you and a few friends could just pick up and carry home if it ever broke down, no tow-truck needed. But while I can't picture a set of circumstances that would result in me buying a gas-guzzling SUV, I approve of this ad by Ogilvy, London for Ford in the UK.

If I found myself needing to haul a giant gorilla back home from the jungle, I doubt my Ford Escort would be equal to the task. Then I might see getting an SUV. I'll stick with little lozenge cars for now, but if giant gorillas are discovered let me know and I may reconsider.

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