Friday, September 25, 2009


They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science

Thanks are due to Cartoon Brew for reminding me of the impending release of They Might Be Giants' new kids project, Here Comes Science. Amazon has the CD/DVD set for less than 10 bucks, which sounds like a deal to me.

What does it sound like to you? Well, try it and see.

Here's the intro “Science is Real”, and thanks to Cartoon Brew we have the full credits:
Directors: David Cowles, Andy Kennedy
Character Design: David Cowles
Backgrounds: David Cowles, Andy Kennedy
Animation: Andy Kennedy, Chris Conforti, Adam Sacks, Sean McBride

And check out the 8-bit glory that is “Put It to the Test”, directed by David Cowles, Jeremy Galante:

How could you not want that and more for ten bucks?

Neat. And a year or two after that, the kids can be presented with Cosmos!
We don't have kids but I want it for myself! (seriously, my Dad's late cousin Hy Zaret, author of "Unchained Melody," wrote "Why Does the Sun Shine" which is covered on this collection)
The discs showed up in yesterday's mail, Stu, and Allison had to force me to turn it off after Georgia went to bed. I would have happily just kept watching it...
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