Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Search Keyphrases and Super Martian Robot Girls

I'm always fascinated to see, in the referrer logs for my website, exactly what it is people are searching for when they stumble upon me.

Here are the top twenty search phrases for the month of September. See if you spot any trends:
chris roberson
super martian robot girl costume
super martian robot girl
cinderella from fabletown with love
raiders of the lost ark 1951
superman symbol
the secret saturdays
chris roberson blog
secret saturdays
mighty men and monster maker
roberson chris
new planet of the apes
hang this up in your time machine
from fabletown with love
dancing ape madness
robot girl costume
venture bros season 4
super robot martian girl
Now, the encouraging news for me is that six (if I'm counting right) are either my name, a variation thereof, or the titles of things I've written. Just about all of the others are things I've discussed on my blog at one time or another, sometimes more than once. But there's one in particular that crops up again and again.

Two years ago, I raved about the Super Martian Robot Girl segments on Yo Gabba Gabba, and linked to an interview with Evan Dorkin about the genesis of the character and the role that he and Sara Dyer played in her creation. Anyone who visits my blog knows that I write this kind of post every few days, at least, some kind of "Hey, look at this cool thing I found."

Inexplicably, though, that one post became a magnet for people searching for information about the character. And for reasons which escape understanding, many of those who found the post mistakenly assume that I'm somehow responsible for creating the character, even though that's clearly not what the post says. If you search for "Super Martian Robot Girl" on Google, that post usually crops up in the second or third position. But if you search for "Super Martian Robot Girl costume"? Number one result, baby. And all because the excerpt quoted from the Dorkin interview mentions the word "costume."

Every month, hundreds and hundreds of people stumble onto my blog, looking for information about how they can purchase, make, or otherwise acquire a Super Martian Robot Girl costume. Every once in a while one of them posts a question in the comments, or sends me an email. I sometimes wonder, though, if any of them ever stick around and look at the rest of the site...

My highest draw to my site is an interview with Charles Stross I did 10 plus years ago for another site that went dead for a while. I salvaged that and one with Bruce Cordell. Somethings no matter what else you do (and really I do not do anything much at the moment to warrent my own traffic) just bring people in. I would bet that folks when they find that link, look around to see what someone else is into that thinks Super Martian Robot Girls is worth mentioning.
I hope so!
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