Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Planetary Romance and Galactic Adventure

It's a day for planetary romance, it seems.

Francesco Francavilla posts the following snazzy image to his blog. Entitled "Galactic Adventures in the Fourth DImension of the Forbidden Zone," it's a commission piece for a UK game company with an rpg of the same name.

And over on his Cinerati blog, Christian Lindke has a rundown on the ups-and-downs of the planetary romance rollercoaster the last few years, culminating in Pixar's forthcoming adaptation of ERB's John Carter of Mars and Scott Lynch's ongoing Queen of the Iron Sands.

And speaking of Lynch's serialized planetary romance (as I was just the other day) I've read the first two chapters and they are golden. Any fan of old school planetary romance owes it to themselves to check it out (and then owes it to Mr. Lynch to toss a few coins into his tin can...). Of course, now I turn around and he's posted a new chapter already. Okay, I'm off to read it...

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