Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Modern Science

(I'm testing the "post from flickr" function, so this may turn out funky.)

Here's another gem from the merely amazing Travis Pitt, responsible for the terrific "Misery Machine" Threadless design I posted earlier, and the Pac-Man design that I've been wearing for more than a year.

If you like this "Modern Science" piece, Pitt has prints of it for sale over on

16x20 modern-science now for sale!
Originally uploaded by Dr. Monster

thanks chris- i was gonna write you to thank you but i couldn't find an email link. thanks a ton for the free publicity and getting behind my work. i'm a struggling artist and it's friends /fans like you that make me keep trying to make it and draw what i like. it's so gratifying to 'just do what i like personally' and have it find an audience that feels the same.

thanks again!

Seriously, I *love* "The Madness of Mission 6." I've worn that thing so often I think I need to buy another one, just in case this one wears out. I've got my fingers crossed about the new design, too! Keep up the terrific work!
Used to be a t-shirt over at kindercore, too. But, it appears that it is no longer available.

Looks like I waited too long and let it die in my delicious bookmarks...
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