Monday, September 28, 2009


Dan Black's “Symphonies”

A post on The Art of the Title Sequence this morning introduced me to this video for Dan Black's song "Symphonies" (the link also includes an interview with directors Chic & Artistic).

From the interview:
ATS: What gave you the idea for the video?

C&A: “Symphonies,” the song, is a mix of Dan Black, between a Rihanna beat and the musical theme of the 1980’s film “Starman.” The spirit of Black’s composition and lyrics are very cinematographic, so it seemed logical to link it to cinema. This brought us to the idea of a video clip in which Dan Black, in a series of title sequences, pays tribute to the legendary 7th art. The song’s subject is the desire for a less ordinary life, and the music and film titles share something magical, an introduction which keeps us in suspense. We loved the idea of a movie that never starts, passing from one title sequence to another, without the film in the middle, as if the title sequences in themselves were enough to tell a story without the film. The idea of using the title sequences also allows for an immediate recognition of the film genre.
Okay, now be honest. How many of you recognized the riff from the theme to Starman? I sure didn't...

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