Sunday, August 09, 2009


My Favourite Books on Book of Secrets

Liz at the blog My Favourite Books has reviewed Book of Secrets, and has kind words for it.
Part noir part pulp fiction part unlike anything I've read before, Book of Secrets has enough twists and turns to make the Edelweis Road in Austria look like a Roman road. I am hesitant to try and describe the storyline even more for fear of putting in spoilers. What I am quite happy to expose though is that the author has created an immensely enjoyable and readable story which will entertain you to the very last page. Especially fun if you think you've figured it all out .... only to have it all turn out that uhm, hey, you were wrong!

I'd like to add that if you've been a long time reader of this blog, you would know I am passionate about many things, but mainly that I love thrillers and action adventure novels and quest novels and I dislike people messing around with the genre for the heck of it, or if they start doing parodies of them or if they think they can quickly write one to cash in on the coolest thing going that's not about vampires. I was therefore very hesitant about Book of Secrets and thought that it was going to be a bit samey and I had my expectations bundled up and shoved in my face. Very firmly. The book is - wow. I will however say that you have to keep an open mind and read it for its sheer readability because it is more-ish.


Okay, now that I've officially returned from internet exile, can I say how much I am looking forward to this book? I've even held off reading End of the Century till this comes out, though I might not hold out much longer on that score.... Related to that I have to say Paragaea was one of the most wonderful books I've read in a long time, a masterful display of what I call your "sophisticated simplicity". I could go on and on, but right now I'll wish you well and begin counting down the days till Book of Secrets.
Thanks, Greg! I hope the books don't disappoint!
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