Thursday, July 02, 2009


What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part I

Last week, Allison and I took Georgia down to Mustang Island on the Gulf Coast, just outside Port Aransas, for a few days of fun in the sun with the extended Roberson clan.

Georgia went swimming for the first time (she hadn't before now because of the tubes put in her ears a couple of years ago).

Georgia went fishing.

Georgia caught a fish on her first attempt.

Oh, and Georgia went to the beach.

She also got to celebrate the first birthdays of her three baby cousins, my sister's twins Maggie and Grace and my brother's boy Michael.

In a few hours the three of us head to the airport for a first real family vacation ever, the kind where we're not visiting relatives or doing any business on the side. Four days in San Francisco and the Bay Area in general, visiting friends and doing touristy stuff. Expect another report on my return.

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