Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Stephen Welch on Here, There & Everywhere

Stephen Welch has started up a blog, "Between the first and last page...", dedicated to his favorite books. His most recent post is all about my first novel (at least the first one to be traditionally published and stocked in stores), Here, There & Everywhere.
HT&E is as I said a book that I just love to re-read when I ever get the chance. And when I do it always seems fresh and new but at the same time like visiting a old friend. Between the first and last page Chris Roberson has written a truly classic science fiction tale while never forgetting at the heart of all science fiction isn't the science but the people and their humanity that drives the story. And it is Roxanne humanity that drives the tale. She is smart, independent add to that her love for adventure and to learn makes her a character that is likable and one would love to have has a friend.

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