Friday, July 17, 2009


Planetary #27 cover

Warren Ellis points out the cover for the forthcoming final issue of Planetary, from the incomparable John Cassaday.

(Click here for a giant version)

My love for Planetary knows no bounds. I was in the early stages of working out the whole Bonaventure-Carmody world as the book was originally appearing, and it turned into a significant influence on the way that world developed. It remains my favorite of Ellis's work to date, and a book I recommend unreservedly to any sf/f reader who hasn't yet tried it.

I just reread the series to date (and all of Ellis's interconnected work for Wildstorm, as well) at the beginning of the year, and it's amazing how nicely all of Planetary hangs together as a piece. I've been nonplussed that DC/Wildstorm hasn't kept up the hardcover collections, but hold out hope that the publication of this "epilogue" will see them collect the whole thing in a few of their "Absolute" editions or something similar.

I've been waiting for this for SO long. You can certainly see Planetary's fingerprints all over my first novel -- including the appearance of a 3-person team which travels the world fighting the unnatural...
Hey, Daryl, are your ears burning? Your name was just taken in vain over on Willingham's Fables forums.

With any luck this last Planetary will be out before WFC in San Jose, and you and I can talk about the implications over many drinks in the bar.
Thanks for the heads-up. I've never really understood the delay, but I'm glad the wait is nearly over.
Chris -- thanks for explaining the ear burns. Thought it was another fungal infection. I went through an entire tube of cream trying to kill it off.

And you are too kind. I'll pay your PR commission in beers.

But besides Planetary, things I'm also waiting for? A zombie girl detective comic! That rocks.
It's a public service I'm happy to provide, Michael.

I'm not sure what the delay was all about, though I've heard a number of (sometimes conflicting) explanations. I'll note without additional comment that Planetary is not the only Warren Ellis-penned comic to see significant delays from one installment to the next, though...
Daryl, payment in beer *is* the preferred method...

And thanks! We've finally nailed down the definitive version of the script for the 7-page I, ZOMBIE "teaser" that'll be in the House of Mystery annual in October, so you don't have to wait *too* long to see what it's all about.
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