Monday, July 20, 2009


Piers Anthony's Steppe

I may have mentioned this before, but not recently. Planet Stories, the imprint of Paizo that's dedicated to reprinting classic science fiction and fantasy, commissioned me to write an introduction to Piers Anthony's Steppe, a novel which was a huge influence on me at a young age. I hadn't read the book since I was eleven or twelve, and found it in the stacks of the Duncanville Public Library, and one of the joys of the assignment was getting to revisit the story, which mixes far-future science fiction and real history in a novel and interesting way.

The book is due out in October, and Planet Stories has recently posted the final cover on their site. And here it is:

Generally, I'm not a fan of Piers Anthony's work but your involvement with STEPPE will get me to pick up a copy. I may even buy it. And I love the new cover format.
It's something of a departure from Anthony's other work, actually, so you never know. You might like it!
Steppe has long been one of my favorite Piers Anthony novels. Great to hear it's receiving new life. I look forward to reading your introduction!
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