Monday, July 13, 2009


I, Zombie!

Remember that secret news I've been hinting at for a while? The ongoing creator-owned comic series I couldn't talk about?


In 2010 Vertigo will release I, ZOMBIE, a new ongoing series by co-creators, writer Chris Roberson (author of this Fall’s CINDERELLA and occasional contributor to HOM and JACK OF FABLES) and New York Times bestselling artist Mike Allred.

I, ZOMBIE is the story of Gwendolyn “Gwen” Dylan, zombie girl detective. Think graveyards, ghosts, vampires and werewolves with a twist.

More on this new series will be discussed at San Diego Comic Con 2009.

Expect much more about this after San Diego.

Wow! Congrats!
Awesome, dude!
Sounds delicious! And what a wonderful title.
Congrats, man! :)
Sounds cool. Can't wait to see some early Allred art for the project!
So cool!
Cannot wait.
I'll be adding it to my pull list on my next visit to the LCS.
Very cool, Chris! Is she going to be Undead like Chuck on Pushing Daisies or more like the Becky Burdock, Vampire Girl Reporter in Jackstaff?
Well, Stu, it would probably be fair to say "both" and "neither." Somewhere in between, let's say.
Congratulations! If any body can add a new twist to the zombie genre (carefully avoiding saying "bring new life") it's you and Mike Allred.
Thanks, Bill!
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