Thursday, July 02, 2009


Death Ray on Book of Secrets

My forthcoming Angry Robot release Book of Secrets won't be out in the US until October, but the August release in the UK is getting closer all the time. The magazine Death Ray, which is probably my favorite genre mag these days, has reviewed the book in its latest issue.
"We're on more familiar narrative ground with Chris Roberson's Book of Secrets. Originally self-published as Voices of Thunder in 2001, this mash-up of 1930s pulp fiction with dreams of a secret heritage accessible only to the chosen is far more self-aware and entertaining than The Da Vinci Code. Born of Roberson's deep affection for radio serials, comic strips and writers like Michael Moorcock and Gray Morrow, this affectionate look at finding oneself and finally coming to terms with one's roots is accessible, entertaining and made two hours whip past almost unnoticed. In line with the conventions of the genre, girls are accessories here, but it would be churlish to take offence when the story is so entertaining. THREE & A HALF STARS"


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