Thursday, July 30, 2009


Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love

And as if the I, ZOMBIE stuff wasn't enough, the Vertigo blog Graphic Content has now posted a peak at the forthcoming Fables spinoff I scripted, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love, with interior art by the incomporable Shawn McManus and covers by the soon-to-be-superstar Chrissie Zullo.

Is this a one-off thing, Chris, or a full blown miniseries like Jack of Fables?

And I gotta say, the whole Fables universe has blown up to be something ridiculously huge!
Somewhere in the middle, maybe? This is a six-issue miniseries, but if it does well enough, then who knows?
Cool! We really enjoyed your Jack of Fables issue -- gotta love the simians, man! My sweetie cracked up when she realized that one of them was carrying a wrench and the reference washed over her.
The monkey wrench was *all* Tony Akins, so I can't take any credit for that sad to say. But the rest of the monkeys all sprang from my fevered imagination.
OMG I love the art! Do you have to know the Fables universe/Cinderella's backstory to get this story?
The intent was to make this mini self-contained as much as possible, Jen, and to introduce any of the elements of the Fables-verse such that any reader new to the world would get up to speed quickly.
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