Monday, June 01, 2009


We Make Holes in Teeth

For reasons escaping my understanding, I just found the phrase "We make holes in teeth! We make holes in teeth!" running through my head, as I got the bath ready for Georgia. It took a few seconds to figure out where it was coming from.

This spot is probably thirty years old, give or take a bit, and it's entirely possible that I haven't seen it since it originally aired. So why is it in my head on an otherwise ordinary Monday evening?

OH MY GOD I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT COMMERCIAL. Like, vividly and completely. Though like you I have not thought of it in *cough* years, and cannot come up with a reasonable answer for why it popped into your head. But I'm glad it did since it provided a nice walk down memory lane. *g* I may have to go send this to my brother now.
I found a couple more of the spots on Youtube when I went looking, but this was the one I think I was remembering. My guess is that they must have run these commercials a *lot*.
Good lord! I haven't thought of that in years, but within the first few seconds I remembered the whole thing! How very weird...
holy crap that's old and rickety. I'm not enjoying the comparison that it's raising.
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