Thursday, June 18, 2009


Rubber Monsters and Library Bindings

I'm working on a script related to the Secret Creator Owned Comic (about which I'm told there'll be an announcement sometime in the next few weeks), and have been trolling through flickr looking for old comic book ads, images of monsters, and general pop-culture ephemera. All in the name of "research," of course.

This morning I came across a collection of photos from flickr user Neato Coolville, depicting a series of little rubber figures/erasers that were included in McDonald's Happy Meals back in the late 70s. And though I'd completely forgotten that these things existed, as soon as I saw them I had a sudden rush of memory, and could recall the exact texture of each and every one of them.

I was still reeling from that sudden recall when I hit a bunch of images from the Crestwood Monsters Series, which I likewise completely forgotten existed. I think my elementary school library had all of them, but I particularly remember this one.

I'm happy with the mere memories of the rubber eraser monsters, but those Crestwood books? I'm hunting those bad-boys down online, and pronto!

Those Crestwood books were instrumental to my formative years. I've still got one or two of those eraser monsters and the Crestwood Dracula book.
I have the clearest memories of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, and Godzilla. I can't believe I'd forgotten entirely about them until now, as I must have checked those out from my school library over and over and over again...
oh my - I'd forgotten those toys existed, but the distinctive _smell_ of them just came to the surface. I didn't have all of them, but in the era before action figures became widely available they made nice stand-ins (the big-head guy could be Brainiac, the bat could (of course) be Man-Bat or Batman. . .
As far as I was concerned, that dude *was* Man-Bat.
Oh hey - please tell me if this is annoying, but End of Century, pg162- timber should be timbre, & pg 255, marital should be martial. Still enjoying it, and about snorted at the Mythos hints: In college, for reasons I can't remember, 'tekelili' became a standard drinking phrase among my friends, which roughly translated as, "I think I've had a bit too much & the madness is now upon me."
Not annoying at all, Audie! I'm sure there'll be another edition of EotC at some point, and I'll have *you* to thank for clearing out the typos!

And nice catch with tekelili. I think you may be the first reader to mention having noticed that reference to me.
Finished. Very enjoyable, and nice tying it up; except now I'm going to have to track down Here There, and Paragaea. Will definitely recommend it to a couple friends who I think would appreciate it - and make 'em buy their own copies, because I'd never get my copy back if I loaned it. Thank you for a very enjoyable read.

(pg. 372, Bedwyr appears as Bedwry twice)
Thanks, Audie, glad to hear you liked it! (And I hope that HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE and PARAGAEA don't disappoint!)
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