Monday, June 08, 2009


MonkeyBrain Books update

Seeing that the first half of the year is rapidly drawing to a close, it must be time to update the MonkeyBrain Books site with the new 2009 titles.

So here's what we've got on tap. (Follow the links for full details.)

Two Hawks From Earth, by Philip José Farmer
(cover by Lee Moyer)

Death of a Starship, by Jay Lake
(cover illo by Tony Shasteen)

Both titles are available for preorder. So what are you waiting for?

Hey Chris, who did these covers? Both are great, but that Farmer art hit all kinds of buttons in my pulp-addled psyche.
Doh! I didn't click far enough in. I see the names now.
Eep! I should have included the cover illustrators' names in this post, too, now that you mention it. Thanks for the catch, Daryl!
Sweet Jeebus...those are both beautiful.
Thanks, John!
Sweet! I remembered you hinted that TWFE was going to be on Monkeybrain's publication list, and now its here!
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