Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Incredibles, Scioli style

I've been really impressed with some of BOOM!'s recent offerings, and in particular with the Mark Waid-scripted titles and the new Disney-licensed stuff. The Incredibles, which boasts scripts by Waid, is like a perfect storm of awesomeness. Georgia and I must have reread the first issue a half-dozen times in the month after its release.

The Robot 6 blog shares the following gem this morning, which makes me wish I was going to HeroesCon.

This variant cover for BOOM!’s Incredibles #3 is by Godland artist Tom Scioli, and will be available only at this weekend’s HeroesCon.

Nice, right? We watched The Incredibles again for the millionth time this last weekend, and it struck me again what a terrific film it is. I think Up and Ratatouille may be better movies, but The Incredibles remains my personal favorite.

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